How Kids Benefit From Team Sports

Team sporting activities do not necessarily have to be about what goes on at schools. Signing up your child for ice hockey or soccer at Bancroft Sports offers them several important benefits, some of which are even better than when on school teams.

  • Exercise

A lot of children do not get adequate exercise, even with gym classes. Being in a team means they will have to adhere to a strict practice schedule that will take them thorough varying exercise drills. If you think your child could do with some more physical activity, then this is the perfect opportunity. The camaraderie in teams makes it easier for inactive kids to find motivation and being to enjoy the experience.

  • Fun & Friendship

Whether its vacation time or even at the weekends when school is on, children easily get bored if they have no tasks to occupy them. Participating in team sports gives them a chance to look forward to fun physical activity. Sessions can last several hours on some days, so you know your child is profitably engaged when you are not around. The bonds created with other teammates often leads to strong friendships that can last a lifetime.

  • Encourages family bonding

Besides the aspect of attending games as a family, many parents have discovered how enjoyable it can be to just practice shots with their child at home. The whole family can join in and it offers a new opportunity to share and laugh together.

  • Attitude adjustment

Another common problem modern day parents experience is the ‘me’ attitude of the younger generation. Many children have been raised to have a very high sense of self importance. Being on a team puts that attitude in check as the aim is to seek the success of the team, not the individual. Not to say their ambitions will be ignored, but they will learn the value of recognizing the contribution of others and understanding how they can contribute to the overall success of the team.

  • Mentorship

Children often need mentor beyond their parents. For those in single parent households, the additional support of the coaching staff is greatly appreciated. Kids tend to be open-minded when advised by coaches, than even their own parents. Positive mentorship from coaches can help them not just in achieving better health, but also educational and career choices. They also learn how to respect and interact with their elders. This is a trait that will serve them well in future when dealing with college educators, other coaches and employers.

  • Discipline

Because one is held accountable for their behavior on the team, children automatically learn how to be disciplined. Whether it is keeping time or tidying their uniforms, they learn to become more responsible and this is a character improvement that will transfer to other areas to their life.

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How To Enjoy Ice Skating In Safety

Ice skating is incredibly fu n and obviously one of Canada’s top pastimes. It is traditional for parents to educate their children on all manner of winter sporting activities, and ice skating is no exception. When teaching your child, or partner, about ice skating, it is important to caution them on some of the risks they are exposed to and how to avoid them. This is especially important if you intend to create your own ice rink in the yard.

  • Body checking

Training your kids to avoid this type of aggressive body contact is vital. Majority of injuries in ice hockey are caused by body checking. No matter how exciting it looks on the television screen or at a game, someone can get seriously hurt from coming in contact with a goal post, the boards around the sides, or skates.

  • Maintenance

If you setting up your own ice rink, make sure to keep it well maintained. Patch up chips or holes that can send skaters flying. Ensure that you keep the surfaces as smooth as possible. Also ensure that you clear away any debris that can create a deadly obstacle to skaters. Also ensure that you properly set up the perimeter of the rink. The rink edges should be clearly defined so that skaters do not end up slipping on patches or holes in areas outside the smooth surface.

  • Practice falling

It is highly recommended that you practice or thoroughly go over how to safely fall on ice with your child. Doing it the wrong way may mean serious injuries to the limbs or head. Since its cold out, you may want to practice this on some soft snow so they know how to minimize the risk of injury.

  • Skate sizes

Many parents fail to buy their children the right size of skates. This is particularly dangerous given the delicate balancing act the skater is undertaking. A poor fit may also increase the risk of frostbite occurring. When going to buy skates, make sure that you do so during the afternoon when feet have swollen a bit and have your child wear their winter socks to get a correct fit.

  • Outdoor lighting

A lot of people have outdoor event in the evening around their skating rink. This often means having to set up outdoor lights. Be careful where you have the cables running. Keep them swell out of the way of skaters who may end up tripping over or slicing through the cables.

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