About Us

Bancroft Sports was established in 2002 as a recreational sports complex. at its inception, the complex only provided 2 NHL sized ice rinks and 1 indoor turf sports field. We have since added to this an additional NHL sized ice rink, an indoor turf sports field and a fully equipped fitness centre.
Our goal is to provide sporting enthusiasts of all ages the opportunity to continue indulging in various activities, no matter the weather. Our indoor controlled environments ensure that we are able to keep our doors open all year round.

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Shawn Wilkers is the managing director of Bancroft Sports. He has been a business entrepreneur for 18 years, with interests ranging from sports facilities to hotels. This interest in sports began at a very early age. He played ice hockey all through high school and college. His talent enabled him to earn a sports scholarship to the University of Toronto, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing.
He followed this up with a career playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Manitoba Moose’s. This career ended in injury. Unable to continue with a professional sporting career, he opted to make use of his business degree and has established several highly successful stores, sports complexes and hotels across Manitoba. Beyond his business pursuits, Shawn is also an avid golfer and volunteers as a sports mentor with the Winnipeg Youth Athletes Association.